"I've loved having Alice as my primary supervisor both as a graduate intern as well as during my licensure process. She not only has a broad ranging knowledge of the varieties of Family Systems models, she also understands how they get fleshed out in a clinical setting—mostly because she's had such a depth of therapeutic experience herself. She brings humility, deep respect, and hopefulness to her task as a supervisor that has engendered confidence in me as a budding therapist, and she has a rare, uncanny way of knowing how to bring out the best in me even while she is speaking correctively. But undergirding all of this has been Alice's role in helping me to more fully understand that effective clinical work flows from character before skill—that who I am is more important than what I do in my role as an instrument of healing change in the lives of others."
Arlin Troyer, M.Div., MMFT  http://www.christcommunity.org/Care/CounselingCenter.aspx

"Alice Stricklin is an extraordinary leader, trainer, consultant and therapist. In working together over the past six years, I've observed her unique ability to provide practical, translatable support and direction. Alice is a discerning presence and offers her clients and supervisees attunement, optimism and hope. Alice is cooperative and courageous in her approaches. She models both confidence and humility; connectedness and differentiation. Above all, Alice is loyal and genuine."
Amy Alexander, LMFT   www.therefugecenter.org
Alice Stricklin has had a profound impact on my development as a therapist.  Her clinical knowledge in supervision and practice is excellent.  As a supervisor, she has the ability to hold the needs of both the client and the supervisee, while providing an atmosphere of learning and excellent client care.  In particular, I have enjoyed consulting with Alice on EMDR cases.  Her trainings and personal study on trauma and EMDR have given her an expert level of knowledge, which has been extremely beneficial to the work I do through EMDR.  I am forever grateful for the time I have spent in supervision with Alice.
Noah Zapf, LPC-MHSP  www.noahzapf.com
Alice was my intern at a non-profit agency in which we worked together for a few years.  By the time I left the agency to start my private practice, my confidence in Alice was that of a peer.  I remember one phone call in particular.  I was in the grocery store and picked up immediately (she was returning a call that I put in to her earlier that day).  I walked the aisles of the store and just soaked up her wisdom on what to do with an EMDR case in which I felt stuck.  The wisdom she gave me was what I needed to take my client to the next level of healing.  I'm so proud of Alice and would send anyone to her.
Kelly Bourque, LMFT    http://kellybourque.com/