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Working with Spirituality in EMDR: A Christian Perspective
Presenter: Alice Stricklin, LMFT

This 6 hour live webinar will look at the component of Spirituality in the EMDR process.  Specifically using a Christian Perspective for those clients who describe themselves as Christian and are looking for healing from the wounds of trauma in their family, community, and faith tradition.  Following the AIP model of organic and wholistic healing, this training will highlight the often-forgot important component of spirituality in the healing process.  Incorporated in this training are attachment-based treatment as well as spiritual language throughout all 8 phases of EMDR; which help in a more effective and collaborative healing process.   Through each phase of the EMDR process we will be looking at blocks and resources related to the client’s spiritual tradition.  Specific spiritual disciplines will be utilized to teach resourcing throughout the workshop. 



1.      Participants will be able to identify all 8 phases of EMDR therapy and how to work more deeply with Christian clients in each phase.

2.      Participants will be able to conceptualize their cases from an attachment and spiritual focus.

3.      Participants will be able to recognize and predict potential blocks in the earlier phases of treatment.

4.      Participants will be able to recognize Faith Based blocking beliefs that pose a block to processing specifically in Christian clients.

5.      Participants will recognize signs of spiritual abuse and be able to develop a treatment plan specific to the client needs.

Recorded webinar available.  Email alicestricklincounseling@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing this recorded webinar. 

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EMDR Basic Training
If you are interested in getting trained in EMDR Therapy, please contact me at 615-574-0474 or alice.stricklin@gmail.com   I currently partner with  Deborah Kennard who is an EMDRIA approved EMDR trainer.   I act as Facilitator to her EMDR Trainings so we can have more affordable access to EMDR Training in the Nashville area.  To see when we are offering basic training in Nashville click here. 

  If you are interested in hosting a training I would be happy to talk with you further.  

To be an EMDR Training Host:
* provide a space that can hold 20-30 people comfortably
* Provide snacks and kleenex for training
* Additional benefit if you already have minimum of 15 people ready to commit maximum of 30