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Counseling Services

CLICK HERE to see how I am adapting our services to fit your needs during the COVID-19 Isolation Requirements.  

Where is my office? 
My office is located on the Square in Lebanon TN
104 West Main St.  Lebanon, TN  37087
I am currently only seeing clients via Telehealth.  This is to maximize the safety of everyone in our community.  Telehealth services are both phone sessions and online video sessions.  I use a HIPAA compliant site for online video sessions.   Click here to read more about how our services are adapted to meet the needs of safety during COVID-19 pandemic. 


From Nashville - 40E to  US 231 exit 238.  Turn left on US 231/S. Cumberland.  Travel 1.89 miles to the Lebanon Square.  There is a large parking area to the left when you first enter the square.  You can go around the round about to get back to it if you passed it.  I am located on W. Main St. which will be to the left of the round about when coming from exit 238.  I am 2 doors down from the Capital Theater door number 104.  You will see Bloom Yoga Studio and United Way also on the door.  I am located upstairs at the end of the hall, second blue door on the right.  
When am I there?
I have office hours on Wednesdays day, Thursday evenings, Friday day.

How do you Schedule?
If you are interested in scheduling an initial appointment with me please email me at alicestricklincounseling@gmail.com

What do I need for my First Appointment?
At the bottom of this page you will see a few different intake packets.  Print off and complete the one that applies to you.  Bring that along with your payment to the first session.  

If you are a current client and need to schedule, reschedule, or cancel, please click below to book an appointment.  Please Do NOT USE your full name when booking.
BE AWARE: The calendar is only viewable by me and is HIPAA compliant, HOWEVER the company oversees and manages their application, therefore your identifying information of name, phone number, and address may be viewed by them.  If you do not want to use this application, please email me for appointments at alicestricklincounseling@gmail.com 

Click here to book Appointment (choose counseling to find available appointments)

I practice therapy from a systemic approach.  This means that I view everyone in the context of relationships.  When meeting with individuals, I keep in mind that we are created to connect, it is through this connection that both growth and pain can happen.  My approach to therapy is based on the belief that our current way of being is a way that has been adapted to help us survive where we are and get us where we are going.  These adaptations are really helpful until they are not anymore.  We usually experience them as not helpful in the context of relationships.  The form of therapy I primarily use to address this is EMDR Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy.   If you do not think that is for you, I would be happy to discuss other options.  

WHAT IS EMDR THERAPY?  Watch this video to find out more.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember some of the new things we have talked about in session.  Below is a resource library of some of the things I offer in sessions.  (Disclaimer- in no way are any of these exercises intended to replace therapy.  Sometimes these exercises can increase symptoms especially when there is a history of trauma.) 

Isolation during COVID-19 and it's impact on Mental Health - This is a podcast interview with me and a pastor on how the isolation can effect mental health.  We talk about how the brain works in relationship, isolation, and how to help yourself and others through this time.  This podcast was specifically created for church members to be informed on mental health issues and how to respond.  Christian language is used throughout. 

An Encouraging Word from Me during the Pandemic - This is a short 4 min. video with an encouraging word, some words of hope, and a short exercise to relax specific muscles that can effect the nervous system.

GROWTH from Trauma - Often times we see trauma as a negative things and the aftermath as all damaging.  This is a short discussion on the concept of resiliency and growth that can come out of traumatic experiences. 

5 Point Breathing  -  This can be helpful when you feel overwhelmed or it can also be a starting point of reconnecting with your body when you are use to spending a lot of time in your head. (developed by Tyler Orr, LPC-MHSP)

Healing Light of God - This exercise is a mindfulness exercise using scripture and awareness to help bring comfort. 

Centering Exercise - This can be helpful when you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed.  It can help bring you back to the present moment. 

Intro to Centering Prayer - This prayer comes from Psalm 46:10.  It is a mindful practice of centering ourselves with God using scripture.  It is a type of Lectio Devina.  This particular exercise comes from Friar Richard Rohr 

Orienting - This is an exercise that can introduce us into coming back to the present moment.  This exercise uses all 5 senses. 

Belovedness Prayer - This is an adaptation from a prayer by Henri Nouwen.  It is an introduction into a mindful awareness which allows us to experience God in a deeper way.  As you get better at mindfulness you can make the prayer longer between each phrase. 

Pendulation - This exercise comes out of Somatic Therapies and is an exercise developed by Peter Levine.  It is an exercise that can begin to get us use to being aware of what is happening in our bodies and that more than one thing can be happening at one time.  The focus is locating both disturbance and calm in the body and pendulating between the two places.
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