Contact Information

You can contact me at 
Phone Number:
For Counseling: (615) 574-0474
For Consultation/Supervision: 615-574-0474
LIMITS to CONFIDENTIALITY in contacting me:
Email is not completely confidential.  There are servers and other parties who oversee and hold the information sent through email.  Please be aware if you do email me you are waiving your right to complete confidentiality.  Texting is another avenue of communication that is limited in confidentiality.  Text messages are stored with the phone carrier and they are able to see communications through texts.  Additionally, my phone screen may flash the message in the presence of other people.  Be aware that if you choose to text you are waiving your rights to that conversation being completely confidential.

If in our communication you indicate that you are aware of a minor (someone under the age of 18) who is being abused sexually or physically, or whose needs are not being met, or who is being exposed to inappropriate sexual content,  by TN state law I do have to report that to Child Protective Services.  Additionally if you indicate in your communication you have a desire to harm yourself or someone else, I have a responsibility to you and community safety, to take action to notify authorities of the safety risk.